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Let's figure this out together. 

Support for every step of your journey


You’re interested in making some kind of change and you’re ready to shake things up, but you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you have a TON of ideas, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you’re spinning your wheels? Let’s figure it out together! We’ll work to narrow down your big ideas, wrangle the chaos, and make your next steps feel manageable. Let’s team up to figure out the perfect path for you.



You know what field you want to break into and you can picture that dream role, but you’re just not sure how to get there. With my step-by-step support, we’ll work to take all of that valuable past experience and expertise, and begin to craft your unique story and help you land that new role.



New to UX and looking to build your confidence a bit? Whether you need help creating your resume, updating your Linkedin profile, or finetuning your portfolio, I’ve got your back. Need to sharpen those interview skills? Consider it done! I can help you navigate the territory and know what hiring managers are looking for.



You’re looking to get actionable, real life, relevant support with things like stakeholder management, choosing the right methods, and leveling up your skills. Maybe you’re the only researcher at your organization and you’re looking for a gut check or thought partner. Let’s work together!



You're an educator who's looking to make a change. Navigating your exit from the classroom can be really overwhelming, but I can help you get through it and figure out how to present your experience and start off on your new career.



You’re in school or maybe you’ve recently graduated and you’re not sure what to do next. Fear not, fellow knowledge seeker! Let’s work together to create a thoughtful roadmap to help you figure out where you want to go and how to get there.

Working together

My clients keep coming back because my coaching sessions are unique and completely personalized to each person. Authenticity, honesty, and connection guide our sessions, and I make every effort to provide a safe space for sharing and collaboration. There's no room for judgment or shame here – just opportunities for more joy and way more confidence. Together, we'll focus on your current aspirations and work side by side to make a plan for achieving your goals or figuring out what’s next. Each and every session is unique, but you’ll always leave with actionable next steps that you can feel really good about.


Here’s what we’ve covered in some of my most recent sessions:

  • Interview prep for a dream role: My career changer client and I ran through practice behavioral interview questions in preparation for a job interview. After she got through to the next round, we worked together to fine tune and practice that presentation she had to give in the final round. When she wanted to run through it all one last time on the day of the interview, we were able to pop something on the calendar quickly and she felt super confident going into the conversation.

  • Resume refresh for a career changer: I met with a recent career changer who just got out of a UX Design bootcamp. She was looking to update her resume to show her internship experience in tech as well as her personal projects and previous job experience. We worked together to update her resume to highlight her transferable skills and then went through job descriptions to align her resume to each one so that they were absolutely amazing when she went to apply for the roles.

  • Goal setting and accountability partnership: Meeting at a set weekly or monthly cadence to discuss goals, how to achieve them, and how to prioritize them has been a way for clients to feel like they have control over their never-ending to do list. Whether personal or professional, I make sure to include opportunities for finding joy and provide reassurance when goals can feel too big to tackle. And of course, we’ll celebrate milestones together.

"During our calls, Meighan was always positive, genuine, and encouraging. She saw potential in me before anyone else did. She believed in me and cared about me. I felt safe to open up and share with her my doubts or hesitation during my career exploration process. She not only shared her perspectives with me, but also taught me what I can do and how."

-Rose L., Product Designer


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