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Whether you have the tiniest spark of an idea or you're looking for a researcher to support your existing teams, my meticulous approach to product development will help you make sense of your curiosities and big questions.

Let's figure it out together.

User Research

Support in all phases of qualitative user research and survey development

Asking the right questions to inform product decisions is critical to ensuring you're building something that people will love. Services include planning, conducting and facilitating a variety of research methodologies including early discovery research, user interviews, persona development, contextual inquiry, and other customer research. While my focus is typically qualitative research, I work to combine qual and quant to tell a more holistic story and inform strategy.

Product Development & UX Ideation

Determining the longer term vision for your product or helping you make sense of the direction you'd like to go

Knowing where to start and what to do next when it comes to developing a product can be tricky. Having someone with fresh eyes and fresh perspective can help you see things that you might have been missing. Whether it’s a longer term vision, initial research, beta testing, or go-to-markets, each component is critical to the success of a product. I’m able to focus on the fine detail as well as the big picture while keeping end users in mind.

Community Building

Internal and external community development support focusing on best practices for connecting people in your space

Developing and fostering communities is one of my passions. Beta groups, customer research councils, and internal employee resource and affinity groups are so important in moving the needle. Whether you're looking. to foster community within your organization or within your user base, I can provide actionable steps to create those connections.

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