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Hello, hello!

I'm Meighan.

I’m a career coach, user researcher, and product strategist who focuses on helping people figure out what makes them amazing. I help people overcome fear and self doubt so that they can confidently jump into whatever’s next in their career journey. My unique approach is authentic and down-to-earth; I focus on realistic, actionable, and personalized support to help you feel confident wherever your next step takes you.


My personalized coaching may be right for you if:

  • You’re making a career change and you’re not feeling confident about how to make your existing skills translate in a new field

  • You have an upcoming interview or case study and want to feel well-prepared and confident going into the conversation or presentation

  • You’re new to the field or don’t yet have a community to lean on and get support from and you’re looking to up-skill or learn


My passion is helping people better understand what already makes them great and how to get other people to see it, too. It’s not easy translating existing skills and experiences into a new field, but I can help you navigate the transition and feel really good about the process. It's actually kind of fun (so I've been told!).


Clients I’ve worked with have successfully transitioned from areas like academia, marketing, and design into careers at places like META, JP Morgan Chase, and LinkedIn.

I've been there and I've got you!

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