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Weekly Career Connect

let's discuss everything related to finding your next role

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Let's figure this out together.

Join me for a weekly Career Connect – a free 45 minute group conversation where job seekers can find community and discuss the ins and outs of looking for a new role.

It can feel really isolating right now (and sometimes, downright confounding), especially when you’re not making progress in your search or feeling overwhelmed before you even start.


Over Zoom, we’ll explore all aspects of finding a new job, from crafting standout resumes and mastering interview techniques to leveraging the power of networking and staying motivated throughout the process. The goal is that our group will provide a collaborative space where you can ask questions, share experiences, and gain insights from like-minded folks on the same journey.

Looking for a new job or changing careers can be painful – but it can also be kinda fun. Let’s figure it out together! 

These free 45 minute sessions are quick enough to not stress you out, but long enough to learn something new!

Our Weekly Connect starts in early July. Sign up for more info!

Your information will not be shared with any third-party sites. You'll be able to stop receiving emails from me at any time!

YAY! You'll hear from us soon.

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